Feedback / Comments of KG1020/KG1030

Great great appreciations to our client for providing GMY the valuable feed back / comments.


Subject: Re: KG-1030 Knee Guard




I have reviewed the knee pads kg-1030. I like them very much. I hope you will have these for the elbow as well. 


Design             Better

Comfortable    Better

Protection       Best

Movement      Better

Functional      Better

I hope this helps you





Subject: RE: Soft Knee Guards for MX and BMX by GMY 

Hi - 

The testing (of KG-1020 & KG-1030) is going good.

There are few small changes we will request.

Do you have design for harder plastic cup in the knee?

What is MOQ for this style? 




For more information of our KG-1020/KG-1030, please refer to the following links.



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