The 88 Taiwan Flood

The 88 Taiwan Flood

August 8, 2009, a heart breaking date that Taiwan people would never forget. Typhoon Morakot brought sever heavy rain to the entire southern region of Taiwan. Merely in Pingtung County, exceeded 2,500 millimetres (98 in) of rainfall was recorded. With such heavy rain, lots of floods and landslides happened and caused serious damage. Villages were buried and the roads towards those villages were blocked either by the mudslide or the huge rocks. 

Morakot is now far away from Taiwan, but the bad situation still exists.  Many survivors are isolated in the mountains without sufficient food, electricity and water supply nearly over a week time. The rest residents in Taiwan have also been active in raising donation of food and necessity to maintain the villagers by helicopters before the rescue reaches. Numerous volunteers are involved in helping the victims cleaning their home while soldiers and engineers are helping rebuild the roads and bridges.

(photos taken from the villages)



GMY and its friends are always willing to help out. With the assistance of the friends, GMY has sent necessity directly to the people in need last weekend. The damage and lost had occurred but the faith that everything is going to be alright lies deeply in our heart. Taiwan will stand up once again with no doubt. 

God bless Taiwan. 

(photos of getting ready to deliver necessity to the people in need.)

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