2010 First New Product - HI-VIZ KNEEPADS

2010 First New Product - HI-VIZ KNEEPADS

HI-VIZ KNEEPADS is now available at GMY
GMY has been providing variety kneepads to workers both in USA and Europe for years, meeting strict EU standard and exceeding the expectation of branding customers around the world.  We are now pound to provide the additional excellent quality Hi-Visibility kneepads is great color choice in potentially hazardous situations. The vibration hand (power) tools complements Hi-Visibility kneepads perfectly. 
The features of it :
  • Polyester material body
  • Swivel cap for extra protection
  • Hi-Visibility cap for more safety attention
  • 6 bass rivets secured the cap
  • Two stretchable & Hi-Visibility Velcro straps
For more detailed information, please feel free to contact with us about  CE-308 / CE-308B  High Visibility Kneepads.  .

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