GMY -Certificated PPE manufacturer that meet highest demands

GMY – a reliable partner in PPE manufacturing.

Founded in 1986, GMY has since then developed from gardening wear to Maintenance, Repair, and Operation Supplies of kneepads, back support and bags. Based on its many years of independent development and ergonomics expertise in production, the company produces technically mature and cost-effective for its numerous OEM/ODM customers.

Ergonomics as the core technology 
Right from the beginning GMY has always used supplying master workers and consumers alike is incorporated into the ongoing development of our products. Composited material incorporate production enforces flame retardant, breaking resistance, pressure distribution to ultimate in comfort and protection continues. 

Competitive cost, satisfying quality and speedy delivery 
GMY Knee Pads used in FBO, MRO, military, and general DIY in a wide variety of applications. Each manufacturing system is modular in structure and can easily and quickly be adjusted to different products.

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